What is pick to light?

Pick to light is a light-coordinated picking innovation that gives a precise and proficient strategy for paperless picking, putting or arranging and gathering items.


How pick to light operates in warehouses?

Pick to light is a technology that uses lights to guide personnel to pick items from warehouse shelves. Unlike other picking systems in the warehouse, pick to light is advancing collecting without a list on paper. A typical light-based picking system, along with a series of letters and numbers, uses various colored LED lights.


What benefits does pick to light technology have?

Pick to light is an order fulfillment technology aims to improve the accuracy and efficiency of picking when at the same significantly minimizing your labor costs.


How much does a simple pick to light solution cost?

Our enhanced pick to light solutions cost almost one third of traditional pick to light systems. Please call now for the best pick to light solutions.


How can I integrate your pick to light system in my warehouse?

We first analyze your system and calculate the metrics such as walking times of operators, number of picking per day, and more. Then, we proceed with going through your existing warehouse routines and warehouse management software. Our solutions are compatible with SAP, Oracle, High Jump, Ford PVS and even more. Led indicators and automated lighting systems integrated with automation hardware such as PLC and control units form the bottom layer of hardware part of our solutions and they are fully compatible with our pick to light software framework and your WMS infrastructure.


What kind of order fulfillment method is the best and most effective for pick to light systems?

You can have great benefits in the warehouses which persons are used as order pickers instead equipment as order pickers. Operators walk less, pick more accurate and faster by helps of pick to light systems.


How does pick to lights system change the way of picking in assembly lines?

Operators working in assembly lines should be careful for correct picking and fast movement at the same time. Pick to light solutions help operators not to worry about correctness of picking and to less walking. Additionally, you can work with under qualified personnel because operators do not need to know the material and its location in detail anymore.


How may multiple operators work on different picking orders with in same zone?

Pick to light solutions allow operators work simultaneously in the same zone even if they work for different work orders on intersecting materials to be picked. We can achieve this either with sophisticated software algorithms embedded in pick tags or use enhanced pick tags which allow up to four operators to work at the same time, in the same zone. Please do not hesitate to call us and let us discuss our approaches for complicated warehouse order picking operations.




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